Spiritual Leader, Captain Walker, MSG and The Cure...

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Fri Aug 6 17:42:28 CDT 2004

> ><Pete> is not a teacher, mentor, or spiritual guide. You, sorry, He is a 
> >man who writes and performs music for a living, following his muse and 
> >writing what can fulfill him.
> Do you guys really believe that?
> Do you think it's really that simplistic?

I believe that.  That doesn't diminish the value of his work.  And that doesn't
mean one can't learn or be inspired from his work.  But he doesn't, IMO, 
specifically create in order to teach, or to "lead."  He is *not* any kind of
spiritual leader, just as a painter, or a sculptor, or an architect is not, either.

What we get from Pete is *his* interpretation of life. What we do with that
interpretation, how much credence we give it, is up to us.  

Do I  believe Pete creates solely as an effort to "lead, or "teach?"  I do not.

> I'm more of the opinion that Pete is indeed on a life-long spiritual quest of 
> understanding. 

That may be true, but that makes him equal to us, not above us.  He's looking
for answers just like us.  He doesn't claim to *have* all the answers, nor
does he, IMO, expect his fans to fall in line with his way of thinking.  

> It is his therapy.
> It is all of our therapy.


> As a result, whether he likes it or not, he is guiding us.  

No, he isn't.  You are following, but he isn't leading.  
> He is indeed a mentor.
> He is indeed a spiritual guide.
> He is indeed a teacher.

Again, you see him that way because you relate to many of his experiences.
But, he's not relaying (!) those experiences to convince you to join his flock.
He's driven through artistic desire to express & create.  We aren't his pupils.

> He's not asking for followers, but it just happens naturally because we are 
> given the opportunity to identify with what he's writing about....for better and 
> for worse.

There ya' go, then!  We "identify" with Pete.  Not as a teacher, or leader.
But as a fellow human being, going through the same shit we go through.

> I follow Pete spiritually.
> His desire for a simpler life.

Simpler life?  Eight computers & boats in the Mediterranean?

> He is very human, but has lots to teach....just by being Pete.

Well, "just by being" isn't teaching.  And it isn't leading.  We can learn from
his artistic expression but that ain't the reason he set out to create in the first
place.  His reasons are more personal & selfish, I'm afraid.  Nothing wrong 
with that - that's how creativity works sometimes. 

> Here's where the definition of spiritual leader has to be established.
> To me, it's just a quest to understand your world, life, etc.

That sounds more like a spiritual seeker than a spiritual leader.

> So, he was messed up on drugs and alcohol.  That doesn't change the fact 
> that he was on that quest, and a public one at that....through his writing and 
> music.

No, but it shows he wasn't in any position to lead, or to dictate, or to teach.
Teachers have answers.  Many times, Pete just has questions.  Like us.

> >I forgot to mention that I saw The Cure in concert last night
> How were they?

They were very good.  And according to my knowledgeable, Cure-fanatic
friend Curtis, they played a lot of rarities & album tracks, as opposed to -
and even I noticed this - many of their hits.

- SCHRADE in Akron

If you don't think that logic is a good method for determining what to 
believe, make an attempt to convince me of that without using logic. 
      - Brett Lemoine

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