Hollywood Bowl

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Fri Aug 6 15:57:17 CDT 2004

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cmcconnell at data-tronics.com writes:

> He will look out into the audience and see all
> of Sandy's amazing signs and see me screaming my head off and acting like a
> fool and be totally inspired to give the show of a lifetime! Monday better
> get here soon, I'm starting to hallucinate. HAHA 
> Cindy

He will be sick of reading all my signs Cindy..haha We all are going to have 
a blast.

I am heading out tomorrow morning. I will have access to my husbands laptop 
if anyone needs to get in touch with me. Jo, you have the cell #. Looking 
forward to seeing everyone at the pre-show and the concert. Have safe trips 
everyone and see you there!!! Sandy

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