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> Isn't there some kind of legal issue involved here which prevents
> Pete (or any artist) from reading or responding to unsolicited material?


Yes I believe you're right. Someone illuminated me to that after the fact.
It was really a naïve Sally Simpson moment for me. I got caught up in idea
and forgot that this all just really the music business in the end - full of
lawyers, accountants and nervous artists. As I said, that's when reality set
in that all I have is the music to be my guide, the creator of it isn't
really accessible to further my understanding.

>As an aside, what is it you think the fans are expecting?  Can you define the


I think of ML as one. But not alone. There are many. Many fans are expecting
The Who of 1971-74 to be the final moment of truth for the band. It was to
date their greatest moment. But it can never be reclaimed. There appears to
be a cynicism that anything produced beyond that period is somehow a
terrible disappointment. "Who on Ice", touring without John, the new songs
all come to mind. I don't begrudge anyone this feeling. But it does become
an unreachable expectation to live up to. Marcus has eloquently stated that
it was the band themselves the gave him these expectations and they've
failed to live up to them. In my opinion, these kinds of voices in the crowd
can be a yoke if they are heeded.

>There's a saying in the country of my parents that states "who plays with fire
get hurt". ... Poor little boy.... but the door (spiritual/magical) was opened
already, and that was what matters to the collective conscious.


Yes, I think your whole post has it about right.

>Whatever happened to the "exclusive release" ofLifehouse with the software key
to let fans to addtheir biorhythms which would be performed at someunannounced


I dunno. However, I will quote from the letter I received from Carol Letham
(Pete's assistant) dated June 27, 2002

"Pete asked me to inform you that he can't read your version of Lifehouse
because both Lifehouse and Psychoderelict are 'works-in-progress" and your
material could influence him."

I of course took this as encouraging news that he's not done with all this
yet. We'll see. 

>He is indeed a mentor.
>He is indeed a spiritual guide.
>He is indeed a teacher.


Well I suppose these terms are open to interpretation. I do not see him at
least as a mentor or teacher, because to me those are interactive pursuits.
Pete himself has taught me very little. His music, performed by The Who, on
the other hand has given substance to new and powerful ways to see and
experience my world. It is a gift given to me as a fan. (but it's not free)
Yet he shows little desire to engage us any further on these topics. I in no
way aspire to his path. But this music has given me a path of my own. And
that has made all the difference.

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