Sydney 7/28 vid...

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Aug 6 10:28:11 CDT 2004

First of all, some *great* photo's from this show.
I've saved as my new wallpaper the one from the side of Pete in mid-air while wearing a scarf, and has Roger in the foreground, with Zak also in the frame.
A great photo!  Good eye, Matt!

The video... *can* play.
Sitting back having a good look and listen to Pino.
Is Pino playing a fretless???

Just turn him up.
Even his MG runs were smooth and inventive.

Volume please!

Interesting how the band immediately all came to the front of the stage for a bow.
Things have changed.
No solo TD time at all.

Kevin in VT

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