Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

Frate, Chris (EM, PTL) chris.frate at
Fri Aug 6 09:06:27 CDT 2004

>>As far as being at ease playing on tour now, I always chalked it up to 
>>being able to do it on his own terms now, being able to have a sound that 
>>is less damaging to his hearing, and enjoying a great deal of "non-crazy" 
>>friendship with his bandmates, which he didn't have in the old days.

>>>So you think the behavior of his bandmates were a source of some of his 
>>>discomfort in the early years?

Only he can say, but when you consider the power struggle between he and Roger, that apparently Keith was a continual source of worry because of his antics (Will he get us thrown in jail? Will he collapse behind the kit?), and because it seems like he felt obligated to pull John out of financial ruin from time to time, I would say that there were undue pressures inherent in touring in the old (and not so old) days. This is not to say that he didn't love those guys or participate in mayhem from time to time. But I can see it getting old.

-Chris in Cleveland

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