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In the Cardiff broadcast, it sounded to me like he and Simon doubled the lines, where Simon went high and Roger went low. It must be very aggravating to Roger to not be able sing like he wants to, considering that of all the famous rock singers of his era, he seems to have taken the most precautions to save his voice, e.g. stopping smoking (unlike Bowie & Plant), extensive warm-up routines, etc. Of course, listening to the way he sings on LAL or the Who's Next Deluxe live portion, that full-out wail can't be good for your throat.

-Chris in Cleveland

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> Yeah, I noticed Simon took entire lines in "Punk Meets the Godfather"
> on the MSG CD.

Roger certainly struggled in spots a couple nights before in Mansfield, but
I didn't think it was terrible.  Love Ain't For Keeping was hard for him,
but I liked it.  I don't know, maybe I'm adjusting to his limitations.  And
I think you're right about him sounding better in person than on the CDs.

> How many of these damn encore CDs do I have to buy?!

I was tempted by the glowing reviews of the IOW show.  Has anybody got that

Jim M

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