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Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Aug 6 08:59:29 CDT 2004

>Marcus Surrealius
>Band Photos
>> At least it's who related.
>As were the political and spiritual theads. Remember?
>Michael Moore and "is Quad spiritual?" Ooooh,

But, despite not being into those discussions, you didn't see me going "oh
yawwwwn", and this list sucks now "piss off."

>> The polite thing would have been to simply let
>>people talk about what
>> they want, even If you're not interested.
>As I always have. But if comments are made about
>interesting subjects, I can surely comment on the
>other ones...can I not?

Great, then everyone will make derogatory comments about every little thing
they don't like.
That'll *really* encourage more posting.
Hey, it's not like my little post on the photo's was taking up the entire
board.  What. two or three replies???
And, by making the "this is boring" statement while using my thread title of
"Band Photo" kind of slapped at me.
Hell, at first I thought Tom was calling *me* the list moderator.
Sorry my post was sooo offensive that it raised this level or ire.

>> Why don't you two step up to the mic ?
>I have, many times, and two sometimes three people

Hey, if someone doesn't buy the Kiss CD that's been sitting on your self for
years, do you tell them they're stupid?
This is a Free Market list, remember (but not pure, don't forget.  Right
People participate when it interests them.  But, they shouldn't be made to
feel bad if they don't, of if they go off in another direction that isn't
quite *your* cup 'o tea.

>If I point out the image of this list it helps
>perpetuate, you'll just get angry with me.

Well, I don't have a problem at all with people expressing their excitement
about an upcoming show.  And, I actually like to read about that passion,
and the after show glow.
Maybe if you'd get your ass to a show sometime this decade, you too would be
able to share in the fun!
I will never, or have ever, put any who-related post down.

>> Am I the only one that sees the contradiction in
>> those two statements made back to back??
>There IS a difference between excitement and passion.

Both are positive things!

And, there is a difference between how you currently want to be involved
with "The Who", and how others do.
You've made it very clear the band is dead to you.
You won't go to the shows.
You won't get psyched for any of the new projects.
You don't want a new album.
You don't like the name, even though Pete himself calls the band Who2, and
is now allowing after show bows with everyone present.
Actually, my mention of the Band Photo and how Pete now brings the entire
band stage front, is a tip to you that Pete is changing his view of The
The only ones who still go by The Who are the publicists and those needing
to use The Who name for marketing purposes.
I say...Hey, ya got to make money to keep things going.

>> Having a bad day??

But Mark, you've got to let people talk about The Who as it is now and will
be and what's going on, even if you don't want to be along for that ride.

>Whatever happened to the "exclusive release" of
>Lifehouse with the software key to let fans to add
>their biorhythms which would be performed at some
>unannounced date?

I seem to remember the explanation of the delay was for lack of technology

It's gone now.

Kevin in VT

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