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>From: "Tom Fency" <tomfency at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #220
>Yeah, David Townshend, you're absolutely right. You, ahnr (excuse me), Pete 

No, no, no.
David Huntington is *Roger*.
*I'm* Pete.

><Pete> is not a teacher, mentor, or spiritual guide. You, sorry, He is a 
>man who writes and performs music for a living, following his muse and 
>writing what can fulfill him.

Do you guys really believe that?
Do you think it's really that simplistic?

I'm more of the opinion that Pete is indeed on a life-long spiritual quest of understanding.  In the process he knows he's been given a gift (weather by a God or biology) to be able to have the courage to write about things very close to the heart.  This sort of writing makes it easy for others to identify, particularly since it's so rare.  We rarely get the chance to hear an artist lay it on the line like Pete does.
He does this voluntarily, and knows that he will not be alone in the feelings he's putting down on paper.
It is his therapy.
It is all of our therapy.
As a result, whether he likes it or not, he is guiding us.  He shares not only his "therapy", but also thoughts on his spiritual quest.  
He is indeed a mentor.
He is indeed a spiritual guide.
He is indeed a teacher.

He's not asking for followers, but it just happens naturally because we are given the opportunity to identify with what he's writing about....for better and for worse.

Then, on top of that, he has this gift of expressing his words and writing with his guitar and channels the actual emotions we feel in his music.  His music, too, is very close to the heart and isn't afraid to speak it's mind, even if a few guitars pay the ultimate price.

Add the two together, the writing and the music, and you get the greatest Rock Band lead by the greatest writer and guitarist around.

The over all result....a whole bunch of people who are listening very closely.
And, Pete knows it.
He doesn't like it all the time, and sometimes it makes him feel uncomfortable but he knows it.

Now, just to be clear, I in no way think Pete is some sort of deity or person we should emulate, etc.
But, a bunch of honesty in our lives really isn't a bad thing to copy.
And, he sure gets at least me thinking about a whole bunch of stuff.

I follow Pete spiritually.
His desire for a simpler life.
His desire to understand our world.
His (at least to me) open mindedness to all spirituality and not so consistent level of faith he has....and at times doesn't have.
He is very human, but has lots to teach....just by being Pete.

One (of many) of the latest and greatest things he's taught me was to never stop trying to understand your past and how it effects your present and future.  I, too, as of late have opened some pretty intense dialog with my mom to try and figure out some of the question marks from my past.  Thanks Pete for teaching me that it's ok to go there again, even if some don't want to.

Pete has much to teach....

>You are a Spiritual Wizard, even if you don't wanna be 
>like one. Live with that, or retire forever.

Guess we're on the same page afterall.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at akrobiz.com>
>Subject: Re: Tommy play
>Actually, that's how the original album (1969) presents the story.
>Captain Walker kills "the lover" - not the other way around.

Get out!
Damn, all this time and I've had it backwards.
Stu in MD and Mike too!
Thank you Cousin Schradleheimer.

Now, I just can't decide which version I like better?
After all, the step father has always in my mind been the evil one for killing the good Captain.
Now I have to think of Captain Walker as the *real* murderer???
And doesn't that make Tommy's life all the more shitty.
His own dad did the bad deed.

All these years and I'm again looking at Tommy like it's brand new.


>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at akrobiz.com>
>Subject: Re: Pete Forced to be Spiritual Leader?
>What spiritual leader?  Pete was messed up on drugs & alcohol for
>most of The Who's glory days.

Here's where the definition of spiritual leader has to be established.
To me, it's just a quest to understand your world, life, etc.
Sure, it considers how it all started, and how it will end.
It's the most human thing there is.
So, he was messed up on drugs and alcohol.  That doesn't change the fact that he was on that quest, and a public one at that....through his writing and music.

>He was having enough trouble keeping
>his *own* life in order!

Hey, he didn't *ask* to lead anyone.
But he did put everything on the line for people to follow if they chose.

Maybe "leader" isn't the right term.
But, I find myself walking the same path.  Maybe not behind him, but going after the same goal.

>He wasn't, nor has he ever been, any kind of
>spiritual leader.  He's a human being.

See my definition above.
Is Pete preaching to us about God and trying to lead us like he has the answers?
No.  I don't believe that.
He's just looking and continues to search, and he gives us the courage and will to do the same.

In that way, he does lead.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at akrobiz.com>
>Subject: MSG Encore CD Review
>Of course, these soundboard recordings show no pity.  When
>I was at the concert, I knew Daltrey was having trouble; he seemed
>pensive & almost disassociated at times - but I didn't realize just
>how bad of a night he was having.

Good thing we were having such a great time that ....... IT JUST DIDN'T MATTER!
Those soundboard recording *do* pants ya on stage, don't they?

>To hear him endeavor to hit that final falsetto note at the end of
>LROM, & simply stop & mutter to himself when his voice fails
>him, is depressing.

Oooo, and ugh.
Man, that would bumm me out too.
Guess I won't be getting this show after all.

>On the bright side, Pino's bass lines are actually audible (gasp!).
>And low & behold he makes dozens of expressive, if a bit stilted, 
>bass runs & flourishes to accent the music.  Some good stuff.
>Pity I couldn't hear a note of it while actually at the venue.

I don't know which is worse...
A Pino that sucks, or a Pino that's good but can't be heard.
What the????
I went to his web site and tried to send a note.
I went into brief detail how we know he's a wonderful bassist, but that we couldn't hear him and it was frustrating many of us.  Asked him to kick Pete's ass and get someone to turn him up.
But, the site has a flaw and I kept getting an error message when I tried to send.
Maybe I'll try again.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at akrobiz.com>
>Subject: Live Bass
>I forgot to mention that I saw The Cure in concert last night

How were they?
I have to admit, I'm really getting back into The Cure.
Been pulling out my old albums.
I dunno, but something right now in my life has me feeling really good when I listen to them.
Every time I'm out on my bike, I have their new song firmly stuck in my brain.

"'Cause I couldn't love you more......"

Off to research if they'll be in Montreal.

>Why is The Cure's bass player louder than The Who's?

Ask Pete.

Doh!  ;-o

Kevin in VT

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