MSG Encore CD Review

Cindy McConnell cmcconnell at
Fri Aug 6 07:33:39 CDT 2004

>When I was at the concert, I knew Daltrey was having trouble; he seemed
>pensive & almost disassociated at times - but I didn't realize just how bad
>of a night he was having.  Now I understand why he 
>attempted hypnosis therapy.

Hypnosis therapy, really? Tell me more about that. Does anyone know how
Rogers's voice is holding up now after so many shows? I predict he's going
to be awesome at the HB show. He will look out into the audience and see all
of Sandy's amazing signs and see me screaming my head off and acting like a
fool and be totally inspired to give the show of a lifetime! Monday better
get here soon, I'm starting to hallucinate. HAHA 


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