Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

Tom Fency tomfency at
Fri Aug 6 07:20:57 CDT 2004

There's a saying in the country of my parents that states "who plays with 
fire get hurt". I think Pete fiddle a little with a thing much greater than 
his ability to deal with. He became a channel to messages from beyond that 
are calling people to wake, to grow and assume the responsibilities for the 
good of the world. He was thinking in the beginning that was only a bunch of 
good ideas to produce a rock-piece. But the unexpected success of Tommy 
astonished to everyone, including Pete himself. After trying to surpass 
Tommy with Lifehouse (unfortunately it was beyond his time) -- another bunch 
of good ideas mixing Sufi concept of vibration as the source of reality with 
science fiction of a over-polluted world and a alienated and controlled 
people that wasn't dug by anyone -- Pete dived in alcohol, drugs and the 
selfish life of a rock-star. Poor little boy.... but the door 
(spiritual/magical) was opened already, and that was what matters to the 
collective conscious.


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>>And then became a Messiah to his audience, although he couldn't be that 
>>one, simply because he is only a guitarist/musician with a bunch of good 
>This is only one interpretation of what happened, though.  If you go back 
>to Jung and the idea of synchronicity and subconscious understanding, then 
>it's not just good ideas--it's the real thing.  It's just that Pete was 
>shocked at the effect this simple thing had on his audience.  He couldn't 
>explain what he'd done, and didn't know how to deal with it, or even how to 
>repeat it.
>>But, BUT, his music opened that magical door to everyone who listen to it, 
>>because is a charmed music, do you know that? You are a Spiritual Wizard, 
>>even if you don't wanna be like one. Live with that, or retire forever.
>You're mixing world-views here, Tom.  Please pay attention and stick with 
>one or the other.   ;)
>Jung's science may be too soft and mushy for Schrade, but Jung made a 
>serious try at interpreting instinct and racial memory--how it is that we 
>recognize things that are basic to the human animal and the the human 
>spirit.  The Who's music speaks to both, so it's understood as univeral 
>If you shift world views into the supernatural, then yes, Pete is a wizard 
>(priest, holy man, guru, shaman) that heals our spirits and sends us safe 
>and comforted on our way.  (Again, I'd have to include Roger in this 
>description, as well.)  The problem is that Pete isn't comfortable with his 
>own gift.  He distrusts the magic, and so he can't say to people, "I can't 
>explain this.  Peace, go on your way and be healed."
>P.S.  BTW, I think Carlos Santana IS comfortable with this same magic.
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