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Fri Aug 6 01:49:01 CDT 2004

Kevin writes:

Sorry, you're wrong.
Including non-original members in the post show bow is the exception,
not the rule.

But, it's interesting to hear that it has happened before, and NO ONE


Actually, I did say something in my review of the "Pile of dirt" show in at Sac Valley.  You are right that it's not the norm, however.  Of the seven shows I saw in 2002, it's the only one I remember having the full 6 in the curtain call (of course I remember nothing of MSG #1).  At Sacramento Valley Pete made a point of calling them all down and they actually seemed a bit surprised by it, at first reluctant to join P&R.  I don't have a copy of my review of that show, but I'm sure that it was in there.  I may check out the archives just to satisfy my curiosity.  If I find it I'll send it to you.


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