FCC and music

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 6 01:28:47 CDT 2004

Here's another article on censorship.  It's interesting all around, but 
here's the paragraph that mentions The Who:


>Another illustration of morality regulation run amok involves the tidying 
>up of songs that have been broadcast for decades without causing any 
>noticeable societal decay. At the Fox, Clear Channel's classic-rock station 
>in Denver, Roger Daltrey's accusatory scream "Who the fuck are you?" has 
>been altered on the Who ditty "Who Are You," and Steve Miller's "Jet 
>Airliner" skips any mention of "funky shit." No one on the staff pretends 
>that these moves makes sense. "Lewis and Floorwax comply with the FCC," 
>says Clear Channel exec O'Connor, name-checking the station's morning team, 
>"but they've gone out of their way to show how arcane these standards are 
>if they're only now being applied to songs that have been aired for twenty 
>or thirty years."


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