Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Aug 6 00:22:22 CDT 2004

>As far as being at ease playing on tour now, I always chalked it up to 
>being able to do it on his own terms now, being able to have a sound that 
>is less damaging to his hearing, and enjoying a great deal of "non-crazy" 
>friendship with his bandmates, which he didn't have in the old days.

So you think the behavior of his bandmates were a source of some of his 
discomfort in the early years?

>Also, there seems to be, among most creative people, a "window of 
>opportunity" when they are young where they spit out new innovative 
>material with disarming ease. That window is pretty well closed to Pete 
>now, so it only makes sense that he do what he still can do so well, which 
>is play live. I'm not saying the window is totally closed, because he says 
>he is always writing, but considering that his last major original output 
>(not including ORW and RGLB and the reorganized Lifehouse)was in 1993, and 
>how long it is taking the new album to come together, I think he may find 
>solace in just playing now.

The window of ease may be closed, but I still think Pete's work has depth 
and a worthy message.  However, I think that the ease of his early years of 
writing with The Who has left him without any idea of what he did or how he 
did it.  It was something that fell out of his subconscious, so how he has 
no idea how to construct something that's suitable for The Who when nothing 
falls out on cue.

There's less pressure to produce in his solo work, so he can experiment.  If 
it fails in the market place, then it's just his own reputation he's 
damaged, and not The Who's.  He hasn't risked that holy vehicle that the 
fans so adore.

Do you suppose he's listening to these live recordings like we are, trying 
to feel what's there?


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