Pete forced to be spiritual leader?

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Fri Aug 6 00:10:23 CDT 2004

>Now, he seems to be more at ease playing this music, and apparently,
recording with Roger. This could either be a yielding to the inevitable
market success of performing as The Who. Or it could be yielding to the
realization that his music just sounds better this way. At least to most of
us fans.

Or a yielding to the realization that part of the spiritual message is in 
the delivery.  Remember that Roger adds a huge exhaltation to the words.  
Pete alone is a thinker, but standing beside Roger he becomes a holy man.

>To this day though, what The Who has "meant" to fans is still a yoke on 
they might try to do as an aging active band. There were such strong
feelings that were invoked in their presentation earlier in their career and
an incessant desire to not let go of them. And this appears to be the
artist's trap if their art does indeed ignite the emotions of its fans.

It's so rare to find something that ignites, though.  How can the fans do 
anything but hope there will be more of this?

As an aside, what is it you think the fans are expecting?  Can you define 
the yoke?

>Dylan may even be a more naked example of this. His fans have often sought
to understand the man who did this to them. He has been a slippery fish for
them, referring them back to the music itself and begging to be left alone.
(Please accept this as the generalization that it is.)

Dylan is a wise man.  The Way, the Truth and the Light are in the words, and 
not in the teacher.  ;)

>So as we debate Pete's relative spiritual quest, we are ultimately only 
with interviews and recorded music. Does anyone here claim to have had a
conversation with the man on it?

Well, no, but I expect it wouldn't do any good.  As I understand it, Pete a) 
writes things that are vague on purpose and b) changes the interpretation at 
least once a week.


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