Pete forced to be spiritual leader?

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Aug 5 23:26:04 CDT 2004

>>It's like he's been very lucky to have this unexplained talent with words 
brings him success and money, and what has he really done to deserve it?

>He's done plenty to deserve the success and money.  Some would argue that
Pete and The Who have been under-compensated for their efforts.

I agree with this (or did Keith Moon spend it all?), but I'm talking about 
how it looked during the TOMMY years, when he wrote that about the "deaf, 
dumb and blind kid" who becomes a messianic star.  That's Pete, of 
course--the deaf, dumb and blind kid who discovers a mysterious, worthless 
talent, similar to pinball, we gather.

>>  That's a huge failing, right?

>If one dwells on it, I guess you could come to that conclusion in a
depressed state, or say, following a tragedy like Cincinnati.   I don't see 
Pete feeling like a
failure in the *personal enlightenment* arena.    He has certainly 
contributed a great deal to many people who feel his music helped them and 
some that believe it has *saved* them.   Not even close to a small failing.  
  A success in my book.

But did Pete know this?  All through the seventies, he's feeling like a fake 
becauses he sings about personal enlightenment, but can't even achieve a bit 
of it for himself.  He's struggling with sex, drugs and rock and roll, and 
this sort of Jeckel and Hyde thing that happens to him when they're on tour. 
    Remember that the huge number of fans seeking his attention cuts Pete 
off from what they're saying.  He could feel the whole of the audience at a 
show, but he couldn't connect with individuals.   All he can hear is their 
need, and it doesn't feel there's enough of him to give them what they want.

Plus, he likely felt like he was the very breath of evil when he got home 
from a tour.  There was something curious he wrote about trying to enter 
into (??) Baba's tomb (was that it?), where he felt something black that 
rose up inside him that make him unable (unworthy?) to enter.  After he's 
behaved like a hedonistic animal, then how can he cleanse himself and start 
where he left off searching for enlightenment?

Pete does seem more comfortable with his position these days.  Maybe he's 
discovered that he's channeling the cultural consciousness and he doesn't 
really have to explain or to answer for what he sings.  Or maybe he's just 
given up the rock and roll lifestyle.

>  His ability to speak candidly and intelligently during an interview cast 
>him into a different light than the other guitar-slingers of the time.   He 
>proved he was a thinker, but even thinkers don't have
everything figured out.

Do you suppose you can think your way to personal enlightenment, or does 
that just make it look more confused?


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