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Jim M NakedI at
Mon Aug 2 09:52:38 CDT 2004

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> Heheh.  I couldn't hear it very well.  I'll have to play it again after
> rush is over.   :)

You could hear Pino, but not that?!?!

I got the opposite impression of the bass.  I think it was *much* more
prominent in the last diary.  This is more like what I could I hear at
Mansfield, or rather not hear.  I think these clips are very dependent on
where Matt's standing and not at all reflective of what most of the audience
hears through the PA.

> Maybe Pete has heard something about it.   ;)

That would be cool if he had.  Maybe Matt does try to keep his proverbial
finger on our pulse, but, yeah, I kind of doubt anybody with the band is
reading this stuff regularly.

Jim M

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