MSG Encore CD Review

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Aug 5 19:46:10 CDT 2004

Well, it hurts to write this but the Encore Series CD of the MSG
NYC show from May is pretty bad.  And it's because of Daltrey's
voice.  It's completely shot.

Right from the first song he sounds hoarse, sick, or something.
He can't hit any high notes (when he attempts them) & his singing
is actually painful to listen to.  It made *my* throat hurt just 
listening to it.

Now, readers of this list know full & well I'm a big-time Daltrey
supporter, but the truth is the truth.  Daltrey had a horrible night
singing at this particular show.

Of course, these soundboard recordings show no pity.  When
I was at the concert, I knew Daltrey was having trouble; he seemed
pensive & almost disassociated at times - but I didn't realize just
how bad of a night he was having.  Now I understand why he 
attempted hypnosis therapy.

To hear him endeavor to hit that final falsetto note at the end of
LROM, & simply stop & mutter to himself when his voice fails
him, is depressing.

On the bright side, Pino's bass lines are actually audible (gasp!).
And low & behold he makes dozens of expressive, if a bit stilted, 
bass runs & flourishes to accent the music.  Some good stuff.
Pity I couldn't hear a note of it while actually at the venue.

Zak sucks on WGFA.  Kenney Jones played the song much

What else?  Pete is great.  Rabbit isn't mixed too high.  Simon's
acoustic is perhaps a bit loud (minor quibble). 

But, poor Daltrey.....  He just didn't have it this night.  I can't
play any of this CD for my friends.  It'd be too embarrassing.

Grade:  D

- SCHRADE in Akron

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