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Thu Aug 5 19:17:58 CDT 2004

>In the play, when Captain Walker returns, the play
>actually has the step father being killed, and Captain Walker
>participating in the rest of the story???

If I'm not mistaken, that's the story line of the original album by The Who. If you look at the album "libretto" (vinyl) I believe that the horror Tommy reacts to is the killing of "The Lover" by his father. I think it was the movie that made the plot twist differently, and in my opinion, made it a better story. I give Ken Russell big props for that. 

>P.S. I am curious how and where you reached out to him and what the nature of his
>rebuff was, if you don't mind saying.


Thank you for your comments. I'll be glad to share what happened. After he released his Lifehouse Chronicles, I became enthralled with the story. I did some research and poured through the text of the songs. So I did two things. I ripped and burned all the songs for the project recorded by the original line up and arranged them along a story line. Then I wrote a treatment of the story from an underdevelped character - Jumbo - and sent the whole mess to him. I told him this was my Lifehouse, buying into the whole premise of the story. Well what I got in return was a letter from his assistant that he could not and would not read my story. I'm not surprised or hurt. He just failed to live up to an expectation I had, and at that point, I dropped all expectations. 

If you, or anyone else is interested in reading my treatment for Lifehouse, I'd be more than happy to share. Just email me off list and I'll send a copy. 


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