Signs, Tommy play

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Thu Aug 5 17:13:41 CDT 2004

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> Most venues I've been to allow signs.  Towel signs are easier to handle,
> in that you can fold them up.  But, you'll be fine.

Wow, what a fantastic idea. Towels would be much easier to handle. If I have 
time, I may switch my posters to towels.

I saw "Tommy" on stage in NY years ago and the Captain Walker part was 
changed in that play too. I talked to someone who worked there and they said Pete 
wanted to make it a little different. The women next to me was very confused 
through the whole thing. She couldn't figure out what was going on, she never saw 
the movie. After I told her the scenario, she really enjoyed it. The play was 
much harder to grasp then the movie, but it was still good.   Sandy

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