Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

Frate, Chris (EM, PTL) chris.frate at
Thu Aug 5 11:27:16 CDT 2004

David, that was a really insightful linking of Pete as Tommy, and well articulated. He's always been more than willing to tell you what he thinks, but just as adamant about not looking to him for guidance, which Tommy ultimately realized the hard way.

As far as being at ease playing on tour now, I always chalked it up to being able to do it on his own terms now, being able to have a sound that is less damaging to his hearing, and enjoying a great deal of "non-crazy" friendship with his bandmates, which he didn't have in the old days. Also, there seems to be, among most creative people, a "window of opportunity" when they are young where they spit out new innovative material with disarming ease. That window is pretty well closed to Pete now, so it only makes sense that he do what he still can do so well, which is play live. I'm not saying the window is totally closed, because he says he is always writing, but considering that his last major original output (not including ORW and RGLB and the reorganized Lifehouse)was in 1993, and how long it is taking the new album to come together, I think he may find solace in just playing now.

-Chris in Cleveland

P.S. I am curious how and where you reached out to him and what the nature of his rebuff was, if you don't mind saying.


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