Rabbit's diary 8/3

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 5 11:03:40 CDT 2004

Rabbit's entry from Honolulu:


Well, what can I say.......Was this a hot gig
or not?........Hawaii is a fantastic place to
come to....I am bowled over with this place.
And the gig was, for me, the best gig we have
done in many a shows over the last few years.
Utterly awesome..........I finally got my Hammond
fired up with my new wah-wah, Line 6 echo,
and a new stomp box, The Texas Tornado,
courtesy of my roadie, Brian Mehew,
and this muther was screaming for attention.
Yee haw.......Pete was in great shape tonight,
and as usual, gave the audience more than
their fare share of rock 'n' roll.
He was just amazing tonight, in all aspects...
Truly amazing......
Hawaii is a hot place, and in traditional style,
so was the band..........I must mention the audience
over here. Either they don't get a lot of bands
here, or they are just Who fanatics, because
their applause and screams were louder
than the band.....another yee haw!!!!!!
What a crowd.......what a party....what a venue......
what a Band !!!! Zak is just wonderfully gifted
and kicked ass all over the place tonight.
The entire band were kicking ass tonight.
The audience just spurred us along.
It was so easy to play tonight.
The crowd 'willed' us on to a great show.
Pearl Jam's keyboardist, Boon, a Hawaiian
native, took us out to dinner last night
to a local traditional restaurant.
On the menu was a dish called LauLau,
a pig's portion of pork, wrapped in Tarot
leaves, like Spinach, and I wolfed down
the whole lot. The food was weird, but
I'll try anything local, I like getting out
amongst the locals when we travel.
It makes the trip that more interesting,
so I said to Boon, "You order for me."
Woah, what a meal.........
I also met an old childhood friend
from Texas who now lives in Hawaii.
BJ Dorman and her son Cory.
Me and BJ's family's grew up together
when we were just little kids, and it
was an amazing thing seeing her
again. Like long lost brothers and sisters.
It was great to see you again BJ.
See ya next time around too....
Well, it's Maui tomorrow, then off to L.A.
It's been a great tour so far, the different
variety of countries we've visited has
been really exciting.
One more thing........


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