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Thu Aug 5 08:53:07 CDT 2004

>From: Dereck Evans <delbut98 at>
>Subject: Re: Band photos
>>So it shouldn't come of much of a shock...Considering
>>it's been done at nearly every show The Who have
>Actually, the first thing that hit me when seeing the
>photos was, Jesus, what's happened here?

YOU TOO???!!

>To me, it is a statement and i wonder if it is related to Rabbit's hint
that Pete is such a... what was the word he 
>used...diplomat or something? (sorry bout my memory)

It is indeed a statement.
And, I too thought that maybe it was in response to the Love/Hate thing
Rabbit talked about.
Pete showing the world his love for the rest of the band....
I'm all for it.
It makes for a living working band feel again, rather than TD and
support...jock straps if you will (not how I view Zak, Simon, Pino, and
Rabbit by any means).

I'm also reading it as a new beginning for what's to come.

>I also apologise for not bringing it up sooner.  

"you are forgiven!"  ;-)

Kevin in VT

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