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>From: Sean Duke Cassidy <modernaction at>
>Subject: Re: Band Photos
>Um perhaps that was meant to be sarcastic and I missed
>it, but to my knowledge, The Who did a group arms
>around each other after the gig bow through out their
>entire career.

Well, of course.
That's been their trade mark.
But, it's always just been of the original members.
'89 it was just TED.
'96 and '97 was just TED.
2000 was just TED.
The shows I saw, and the video's I've seen of 2002 was just TD.

>The Who did a 5 person bow, which included the "hired
>help" of Zak and Rabbit through out 99,



If they did group bows in 2000, then this is the first I'm hearing of
They didn't at the 4 shows I attended (Boston, Camden, Va, Cleveland).

>and Feb 02

What show was that?
No group bow at the 4 shows I attended in 2002 (Boston 1&2, Camden,
Again, if they did a group bow in 2002, it's the first I'm hearing of it
(well, second given Mc's post).

>I'll have to refer to my videos to recall 96/97, but I
>think after they did the TED bow, the whole big band
>came out for a group bow.

Not the 4 shows I saw (DC, Philly, Va Beach, Nissan).

> I cant remember 89....

Just TED.

>So it shouldn't come of much of a shock...Considering
>it's been done at nearly every show The Who have

Sorry, you're wrong.
Including non-original members in the post show bow is the exception,
not the rule.

But, it's interesting to hear that it has happened before, and NO ONE

>From: "Frate, Chris \(EM, PTL\)" <chris.frate at>
>Subject: RE: The Simple Things You See Are All Moderated
>As for all the personal attacks, if I never see another post that
starts off, "As I e-mailed to (fill in the blank) 
>privately..", it'll be too soon!

But, just wait until the day when one of those "private E-mails" is sent
to you.
Then you'll *really* be having fun.

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at>
>Subject: Re: Honolulu review
>Eventually they will end up just being *One Note*!

Ahhh, it's just the end of this 4 year tour.
Wrappin' things up.
Puttin' it to rest.
Getting' ready for the next chapter.
Turning the page.

Gearing up for a new album and tour!

Probably has more to do with venue time-limits, noise ordinances, etc.

>Pete and Roger
>have done the right thing keeping this music alive!

Anything to add, Mark?


>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: Pacific Players Production of TOMMY
>The Pacific Players delve deep into Townshend's meaning and method for
>production of 'Tommy'

So, I spoke with Stu in MD the other night.
It seems he and my buddy Mike who went to MSG both attended the stage
production of Tommy in DC.
Their reaction was "Eh."
Stu was confused.  In the play, when Captain Walker returns, the play
actually has the step father being killed, and Captain Walker
participating in the rest of the story???
What the???
Anyone else out there see the play?
Was this how it "played" out in your town?
Why the change to the basis of the story line?????

Kevin in VT

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