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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 08:24:55 CDT 2004

> a HUGE change like Pete and Roger allowing the rest
> of the band to be
> photographed with them stage front and center goes
> unmentioned???


Um...it's a huge change? It's even interesting?

I agree with Tom. If THIS is the interesting stuff
"yawn." It would be nice to get some discussion about
the music, the albums, the meaning of the words,
history, but few participate. Instead we get tons of
"ohboyI'mseeingthemnextweek" posts which are as
interesting to those of us who are not as a staring at
a rock. You know, good for you guys. But how many
times need it be said? Go already!
A little passion from people who care about a
passionate band...and that's frowned upon. If this was
a Zeppelin list, I'd say "And it makes me wonder..."

> A page turned."

Yeah...the page from "The Who" to "The Who Oldies
Revue featuring original members Townshend and

"These policies have turned a projected $5.8 trillion
surplus that we left into a projected debt of almost
$5 trillion, with over $400 billion in deficit this
year and for years to come."
                     Bill Clinton

Cheers         ML

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