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Thu Aug 5 08:17:23 CDT 2004

>From: Jdtr006 at
>Subject: Re: Band Photo's...
>Well, so far Kevin, I have a British flag with PICS and patches all
over it. 
>The lettering says "It doesn't get any better."


>I am working on some poster 
>board signs now. Watch them not let me take any in, after all this
work. Anyone 
>know the rules for that sort of thing at The Bowl?

Most venues I've been to allow signs.  Towel signs are easier to handle,
in that you can fold them up.  But, you'll be fine.

Go out and buy one of those disposable cameras with the film included.
Get the speed for dim lighting (400 I think??).
Several years ago, entering Camden where they were frisking *everyone*,
I was stopped and the lady's hand went immediately to my crotch.  She
asked "what's that?"  I was too nervous to even think of the obvious
joke reply, and instead pulled out my little ......*camera*...that I was
trying to sneak in.  I thought I was sunk, and saw Stu in MD ahead of me
standing there looking like "oh hell, he's busted and now can't get in."
The Security lady simply asked me to hold it over my head, finished a
complete search, and then me go in, camera and all.
I have 6 beautiful 11x14 photo's framed in my home-office.  One photo of
John that I had him sign.  He seemed genuinely impressed with it, and
his roadie asked me where it was from.
Don't be afraid!
At worst you've lost only the cost of the camera.

>Wish me luck!

Good luck!
And, have fun!
>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: New Rabbit Diary
>Hrumph!  And you guys said Rabbit's diaries were getting weird. What an
untittyful reaction *that* was.  Shame on you!

What about the "I can only dream" <regarding titties> and then immediate
mention of strong fingers.
I'm like "Too Much Information, Rabbit!"

"Pictures of Lilly, made my life so Hawaii."

>From: "Kara Billings" <ilovemyhorses2 at>
>Subject: Pete Townshend's site
>I love reading Pete post's.

I wish he would write to us more.
But, if his silence means he's busy writing for a new album, and
finishing his autobiography, than I'll gladly sacrifice.

>Any feed back about band's site and paying what do you feel?

It's a fantastic site.
Do some surfing around the Lifehouse section.
It's got the whole story in there, in amazing detail.
Just wish people wouldn't abuse his message boards, forcing closure.

>The More I Know About People The More I love My Horses.

God, I say that about my Labs too.

Kevin in VT

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