Pete forced to be spiritual leader?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Aug 5 07:29:42 CDT 2004

Keets wrote:

 > Coming to the rescue would be the focus of idealism--like he thinks, "I can
make some positive change in the world," but later cynicism sets in.   It's
like he's been very lucky to have this unexplained talent with words that
brings him success and money, and what has he really done to deserve it?

He's done plenty to deserve the success and money.  Some would argue that
Pete and The Who have been under-compensated for their efforts.
I have a Lifehouse poster in my office here that shows Pete in his 
workshop, not unlike other craftsmen & artisans of the time, or chemists,
biologists and computer scientists of today.  There he is, just sitting in
front of all this technology that he has mastered and willed to
create something that millions of people can consume and enjoy.  He's
in the same class as a Bill Gates, or an Alexander Graham Bell in my
opinion, and the only difference is the size of the market capitalization.

 >It's just a talent with words, after all, and it doesn't make him into the
all powerful wise man (read messiah) that the fans expect.

Pete has more than just talent with words.  He's the Boy Who Heard Music.   He
would have become simply a poet without his guitar and music.   Pete may 
have been
able to write compelling novels had he developed that craft, but he took 
theRock & Roll path,which by comparison appears easier at first.

 >  That's a huge failing, right?

If one dwells on it, I guess you could come to that conclusion in a 
depressed state,
or say, following a tragedy like Cincinnati.   I don't see Pete feeling like a
failure in the *personal enlightenment* arena.    He has certainly contributed
a great deal to many people who feel his music helped them and some that 
it has *saved* them.   Not even close to a small failing.   A success in my 

I don't think Pete wanted to be followed as much as he
wanted to share what he had learned.   Remember, Pete wasn't the model of
perfection throughout his career.   His ability to speak candidly and 
during an interview cast him into a different light than the other 
of the time.   He proved he was a thinker, but even thinkers don't have 
figured out.

Joe in Philly

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