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Rock legends keep up heat
Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend turn back the clock
at Blaisdell
By Tim Ryan
tryan at starbulletin.com

Forty-plus years as members of rock 'n' roll's most
exciting band hasn't lessened a note of the
enthusiasm, energy, and magnetism of The Who guitarist
Pete Townshend and vocalist Roger Daltrey. 

>From the opening note of their first song "I Can't
Explain" at the Blaisdell Arena last night, the band
had a capacity crowd of nearly 7,000 on their feet
screaming, fists raised, mesmerized by these rock
The Who -- or, more accurately, the half-Who,
surviving members Daltrey and Townshend with a band of
some long-term and recent additions -- were back in
Hawaii after 37 years, hitting the stage with a
purpose and vengeance. 

They followed their opening number with two other
early hits, "Substitute" and "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere."

They moved on to mid-period songs like "Who Are You,"
"You Better You Bet," and the defiant "Won't Get
Fooled Again." 

New songs included "Real Good Looking Boy" and "Old
Red Wine," both of which were well received. 
It was a flashback to 1970 as The Who unleashed its
raw, in-your-face brand of "maximum rock 'n' roll." 
Daltrey's foghorn voice still packs plenty of heat and
energy, though four decades of singing prevented him
from hitting some high notes. 

Townshend, in black suit and T-shirt, did his
trademark arm windmilling, occasional leaps, and
climbed on a stage speaker. He hasn't let age diminish
his talent, playing the guitar with precision and

The only miscue was early on when Daltrey missed
catching the microphone he has twirled for decades. 
Daltrey and Townshend were backed by long-time
keyboardist Rabbit Bundrick, Townshend's younger
brother Simon Townshend on rhythm guitar, drummer Zak
Starkey (Ringo's son), and session bassist Pino

The group worked their way through a generous two-hour
helping of 19 classics, including four encore songs
including "Pinball Wizard." 

On-stage chemistry between Daltrey and Townshend
seemed genuine. 

Daltrey's energy and trademark microphone twirling had
fans close to the stage in a near frenzy. Townshend
gained momentum as the evening progressed, pounding
his guitar with a fist, banging the instrument against
his hip, then switching to gentle strumming riffs. 

Listening to Daltrey's impassioned versions of "Love
Reign O'er Me," "Won't Get Fooled Again," and "Behind
Blue Eyes" was a wonderful reminder that no band
boasts a more diversified catalogue, nor touches the
rock 'n' roll soul so effectively. 

The Who plays Maui Arts & Cultural Center tonight. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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