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Thu Aug 5 06:30:18 CDT 2004

--- Alan McKendree wrote:

> This just in. FYI.  For some reason, John's not
> mentioned in the 
> personnel list at the bottom, either as part of the
> band or as a 
> featured artist.  Minor oversight, I'm sure:

I did a little research on this. According to the
Rolling Stone database at:
John appears in the Willie and the Poor Boys film only
as an audience member (interview?). He doesn't

Guess Wyman had the good sense not to take the stage
with a member of The (classic) Who given The Stones
poor on-stage track record when paired with them (cf;
NME 1966, Rock 'n' Roll Circus 1968, Concert For New
York 2001).

-Brian in Atlanta
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