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Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Thu Aug 5 06:10:42 CDT 2004

Um perhaps that was meant to be sarcastic and I missed
it, but to my knowledge, The Who did a group arms
around each other after the gig bow through out their
entire career. It wouldn't take much to uncover a pic
of The Who from 79 with all 5 of them in that pose
following the show. Granted, Kenny was made full
member, but he was still essentially a hired gun who
turned out to be expendable (I like Kenny BTW)

The Who did a 5 person bow, which included the "hired
help" of Zak and Rabbit through out 99, 2k, and Feb 02
I'll have to refer to my videos to recall 96/97, but I
think after they did the TED bow, the whole big band
came out for a group bow. I cant remember 89....

So it shouldn't come of much of a shock...Considering
it's been done at nearly every show The Who have

Actually, the first thing that hit me when seeing the
photos was, Jesus, what's happened here?

Unlike the last post, i can not remember this
happening in the UK since Kenny's time. To me, it is a
statement and i wonder if it is related to Rabbit's
hint that Pete is such a... what was the word he
used...diplomat or something? (sorry bout my memory)

I also apologise for not bringing it up sooner.  

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