Shorter Shows and Introductions

Sean Duke Cassidy modernaction at
Thu Aug 5 00:59:06 CDT 2004

Since the intros are coming in the middle of the show
now, (I think it's before E. F. now if memory serves)
they seemed a little more substantial at the OZ shows
I went to. Pete has often done extended intros,
however, all for of the backing players seem to get a
little humorous/interesting story told about them. I
would guess that is because they are visiting new
territory, but lets face it. In any typical Who crowd
of between 10-20,000 people, it's really only gonna be
us that knows the background of the people involved
that allow Roger and Pete to present The Who. 

As for the shows themselves, they are about 15 mins
shorter. As I had mentioned in a previous post,
Bargain, and ATD were both left out recently. They
were included after the initial appearance of ORW and
RGLB, so it's not like say Relay, which seems to have
been replaced with a new song. I can see why they
would cut Bargain, Rog seemed to be having trouble the
some of the notes in it. He would hold the mike out to
the audience for the "Best I ever Had" line, and not
sing it himself.

Still it's long enough, it's running at 2 hours with
the encore. I cant blame them for wanting to tighten
it up in order to keep the energy high through out.

I for one would welcome a break in the middle with
just Pete and Roger doing a few acoustic numbers. It
would be a good opportunity to add some much need
variety to the set list. It seems to me like Pete can
play just about anything on guitar, and I would bet
Roger can remember lyrics with very little prompting.
It would be easier to switch up some songs with just
The Two of them then with the whole band.


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