Pete forced to be spiritual leader?

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Thu Aug 5 00:18:07 CDT 2004

>>Does Pete have mixed feelings about his spiritual journey?

>I supposed he did at one time.   I can imagine from all the Meher Baba 
>work, retreats, and sacrifices
he made he was trying to set an example for himself and others.  I can also 
imagine him feeling disappointed in his results when he would backslide into 
drinking and drugs.  Pete probably said "fuck it!" many times, and other 
times soldering.   He is, after all, human.

Or perhaps he turned to Meher Baba as a means to understand what was going 
on?  It was trendy about that time to investigate Eastern mysticism, but 
Pete's choices of what to study were apparently based on his experiences in 
music and the feeling he got from a crowd responding to him at a show.  That 
kind of thing must be a huge power trip, but does Pete suffer more than most 
songwriters that everyone thinks the songs are written for them?  Thus he 
gets the power trip, but has to put up with the nagging.  (Pete!  Pete!  
Over here!)

We hear quite a bit about how Roger restrained his temper and character 
flaws in the early days, but not so much about Pete's struggles with the 
schizophrenia that lurks within his personality.  For one thing, he's 
reported to be kind of shy and sensitive, but we see this Jeckel and Hyde 
personality switch when he's on stage.  It must be a little hard to deal 
with that afterward.

If this is a problem, is Pete better able to deal with it at this age?  Or 
is there something about the way they're arranging the shows that reduces 
the stress?  That tendency to fall into a spiritual black hole?

I wish we'd gotten to hear that album SIEGE.

>>Does anyone think he may feel forced into the position of spiritual 

>Yes.   I think he saw teenage wasteland many times and thought he could 
>come to the rescue.   I suppose that because he had this special insight 
>(his songs and writings and interviews reveal this) he probably felt an 
>obligation to lead or at least help people along the way like the Ferryman.

Coming to the rescue would be the focus of idealism--like he thinks, "I can 
make some positive change in the world," but later cynicism sets in.   It's 
like he's been very lucky to have this unexplained talent with words that 
brings him success and money, and what has he really done to deserve it?   
It's just a talent with words, after all, and it doesn't make him into the 
all powerful wise man (read messiah) that the fans expect.  That's a huge 
failing, right?


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