Pete Forced to be Spiritual Leader?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Aug 4 21:35:48 CDT 2004

Keets wrote:

 > Does Pete have mixed feelings about his spiritual journey?

I supposed he did at one time.   I can imagine from
all the Meher Baba work, retreats, and sacrifices
he made he was trying to set an example for himself
and others.  I can also imagine him feeling disappointed
in his results when he would backslide into drinking
and drugs.  Pete probably said "fuck it!" many times,
and other times soldering.   He is, after all, human.

 > Does anyone think he may feel forced into the position of spiritual leader?

Yes.   I think he saw teenage wasteland many times and
thought he could come to the rescue.   I suppose that
because he had this special insight (his songs and
writings and interviews reveal this) he probably felt
an obligation to lead or at least help people along
the way like the Ferryman.

Joe in Philly

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