Pacific Players definition of TOMMY

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Aug 4 20:20:34 CDT 2004

Here's what Greg Harbert has to say about TOMMY and his spiritual journey 
(see below).  I think the TOMMY as the messiah has a satirical twist, as 
Pete felt forced into that position back in the sixties, all because he had 
a couple of useless talents, that is: writing songs and playing guitar for a 
popular rock band.

Does Pete have mixed feelings about his spiritual journey?  Does anyone 
think he may feel forced into the position of spiritual leader?


>We all carry the essence of the messiah, and whoever you want to call the 
>messiah, whoever you want to call the savior, we all have that inside of 
>us. Tommy was his vehicle for trying to express that, and it turns out that 
>Tommy really is all of us on our amazing journeys, and in a sense Tommy 
>really becomes every person like in the old medieval plays the characters 
>were just called Everyman.

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