The Simple Things You See Are All Moderated

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Wed Aug 4 16:02:38 CDT 2004

No way! I agree with Joe. The list is much more interesting now that the Kerry vs. Bush stuff has gone away. I'm sure there are other lists for that stuff. As for all the personal attacks, if I never see another post that starts off, "As I e-mailed to (fill in the blank) privately..", it'll be too soon!

I haven't seen any of the spirituality debate go away either. I'm here for The Who. If Pete or Roger says something political (or Simon, Zak, or Rabbit for that matter), then it's time to get into that, but not before. IMO

-Chris in Cleveland

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Ok, it's his job, there are rules, blah, blah, blah... but, BUT, the fact is 
there is anything interesting happening here anymore, and I want my web-mind 
back (I'm an net-hooked ;^').
Hey, people, let's talk substance stuff, without moderation fear.... 

Tom 'still piss off' Fency

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>Tom wrote:
> >Hey, Moderator, you stepped in and ended up the whole of debate about
>spirituality, politics and theories emanating from Pete's work and by 
>the list is now boring. It's now sucking.
>Thank you.
> >Tom 'piss off' Fency
>While I agree that Paul stepped in, he was trying to
>head off an escalated political pissing match that
>in the past has ended with listers making personal
>insults, and then some members leaving.   His intentions
>were noble IMO, and in any event the spirituality
>thread continues because it contains Who material.
>So put your pisser down Tom!  ;^'   - p.s. this is my
>new Pete emoticon.  Notice the nose and small buttoned-up
>Joe in Philly
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