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Sean Duke Cassidy modernaction at
Wed Aug 4 16:21:21 CDT 2004

Kevin Wrote:
What's this about Pete and Roger sharing the stage
with the hired help,
and not one single person here made a comment about
a HUGE change like Pete and Roger allowing the rest of
the band to be
photographed with them stage front and center goes
50 lashes with that big wet noodle for all of yaz (or
did I just miss
I found myself staring at those photo's from Yokahamma
and Sydney.
We've never seen Pete and Rog standing next to Rabbit
and Zak and Simon
and P-p-p-Pino 

Um perhaps that was meant to be sarcastic and I missed
it, but to my knowledge, The Who did a group arms
around each other after the gig bow through out their
entire career. It wouldn't take much to uncover a pic
of The Who from 79 with all 5 of them in that pose
following the show. Granted, Kenny was made full
member, but he was still essentially a hired gun who
turned out to be expendable (I like Kenny BTW)

The Who did a 5 person bow, which included the "hired
help" of Zak and Rabbit through out 99, 2k, and Feb 02
I'll have to refer to my videos to recall 96/97, but I
think after they did the TED bow, the whole big band
came out for a group bow. I cant remember 89....

So it shouldn't come of much of a shock...Considering
it's been done at nearly every show The Who have
OKCU on Sat and Mon!! Duke

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