The Simple Things You See Are All Moderated

Tom Fency tomfency at
Wed Aug 4 15:13:53 CDT 2004

Ok, it's his job, there are rules, blah, blah, blah... but, BUT, the fact is 
there is anything interesting happening here anymore, and I want my web-mind 
back (I'm an net-hooked ;^').
Hey, people, let's talk substance stuff, without moderation fear.... 

Tom 'still piss off' Fency

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at>
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>Subject: The Simple Things You See Are All Moderated
>Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 15:47:47 -0400
>Tom wrote:
> >Hey, Moderator, you stepped in and ended up the whole of debate about
>spirituality, politics and theories emanating from Pete's work and by 
>the list is now boring. It's now sucking.
>Thank you.
> >Tom 'piss off' Fency
>While I agree that Paul stepped in, he was trying to
>head off an escalated political pissing match that
>in the past has ended with listers making personal
>insults, and then some members leaving.   His intentions
>were noble IMO, and in any event the spirituality
>thread continues because it contains Who material.
>So put your pisser down Tom!  ;^'   - p.s. this is my
>new Pete emoticon.  Notice the nose and small buttoned-up
>Joe in Philly
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