The Simple Things You See Are All Moderated

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Aug 4 14:47:47 CDT 2004

Tom wrote:

 >Hey, Moderator, you stepped in and ended up the whole of debate about
spirituality, politics and theories emanating from Pete's work and by effect
the list is now boring. It's now sucking.
Thank you.

 >Tom 'piss off' Fency


While I agree that Paul stepped in, he was trying to
head off an escalated political pissing match that
in the past has ended with listers making personal
insults, and then some members leaving.   His intentions
were noble IMO, and in any event the spirituality
thread continues because it contains Who material.

So put your pisser down Tom!  ;^'   - p.s. this is my
new Pete emoticon.  Notice the nose and small buttoned-up

Joe in Philly 

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