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Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 12:52:46 CDT 2004

"Post after post about spirituality, and theories, and what to wear, and
a HUGE change like Pete and Roger allowing the rest of the band to be
photographed with them stage front and center goes unmentioned???
50 lashes with that big wet noodle for all of yaz (or did I just miss

I found myself staring at those photo's from Yokahamma and Sydney.
We've never seen Pete and Rog standing next to Rabbit and Zak and Simon
and P-p-p-Pino <enter song.."we are fam-i-ly..*>.
That's a change, ladies and gentlemen, from how things were.
*That* is a message.
A page turned."


At several of the shows in 2002 the entire band came down with Pete and Roger at the end of the show.  The first couple weren't like that (HB and Shoreline), probably because of the focus on John's death, but I was in attendance for the entire band coming down at Sacramento Valley and I seem to remember a photo of that being posted somewhere, if not Pete's site.

They may have come down at The Gorge, as well, but my memory fails me on this one.  I'm fairly certain, though, that they all came down to the front with Pete and Roger at the end of several other shows on that tour.


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