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Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at
Wed Aug 4 12:24:22 CDT 2004

I feel that Pete has a really great site.
One thing I do like is that it is free. For there is some bands that in 
order to go onto the site you have to pay a membership fee. (Bowie is one 
now, for his use to be free) Some are a little on the high side for a year. 
Not everyone can afford them. Or want's to spend the money. I have a friend 
who is in David Bowie's fan club via the mail post and she said she would 
hate to have to pay to look on the internet site and have to pay that and 
her year from the regular mail post fan club it would be crazy. She did not 
join the internet site, for now anyway. Guess what she is jealous that we 
can get on Pete's for free and she said Pete's site is, as she says, "kind 
of better".   :)
We know it is the best!

Pete's site is user friendly. Maybe it's because my favorite band is The Who 
that I think it is great. I have been on many other bands sites. There are 
some that are not so great on how it is set up or that.  Other's are good. 
Pete's is just way on top of them all. Matt does a great job with the 
pictures and up dates. I love reading Pete post's. I am glad that it is 
free. I feel Pete thinks of all of his fans not just ones that want to toss 
money on a site. I love it when The Who is on tour for the site is even more 
loaded with goodies!
Any feed back about band's site and paying what do you feel?

Those of you who are going to the Hollywood bowl, Have a blast! After all it 
is just around the corner now. Any one counting down? haaa             :)

The More I Know About People The More I love My Horses.

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