Over the Moon at rare drum find

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Witham: Over the Moon at rare drum find

A jobless drummer hit the jackpot after snaring a
missing piece of ultra-rare rock history on the

Antony Cummings, 35, snapped up a drum which once
belonged to wild-man-of-rock Keith Moon of The Who. 

The snare drum was part of a second-hand kit on
internet auction site ebay. 

He splashed out almost £400 for the kit but was only
interested in the snare.
"I didn't want the rest of the drums so I gave them
away," said Antony, of Witham. 

A label linked the drum to an old music shop in
London's Wardour Street, where The Who's offices were
at the height of their fame. 

Antony reckons alcoholic Moon may have sold the drum
there to finance one of his legendary drinking
sessions in the West End. 

Other clues also connected it with the legendary
drummer, who died in 1978, aged 32. 

Finally, Antony contacted drum-makers Gretsch in the
US, who confirmed it was one of six special snares
made for Moon. 

Published Wednesday August 4, 2004

-Brian in Atlanta
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