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03 August, 13:29 HAWAII HULA HULA WHO
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Here we are guys......finally we're in Honolulu for 1 show
and then another show in Maui. It is magificent here.
A dream paradise..It rained all day, the trade winds are
fierce, and and a Typhoon is brewing out in the Pacific.
Anybody fancy hopping over for a lovely day at the beach?
Honestly though, this place is where I want to live.
Just unbelievable, sharks and all.....
I haven't been down to the famous Wakiki Beach yet,
cause I hear it is full of Mucsle Men and Beautiful babes.
I don't feel like getting sand kicked in my face, or the
rejection of these titty filled beach babes. I'm a wimp,
and have no interest in the muscle bound guys, but
the massive titty selection would drive me insane.
So I think I better stay in my room and dream.....ha...ha....ha
I got loads of muscles though, but are all in my fingers,
and you can't arm wrestle a Hunk's massived arm with
the awesome power of my twinkies. I'd still lose and get
sand kicked in my face.......ha
It's good to be here, it's gonna be a great gig tomorrow,
and then on Maui after that. I can feel it in the fierce force
of the Trade Winds.........
Hawaii is a must place to come.......
If anybody lucks out, ask the girl if she has a sister who
loves wimps? your heart out......
john rabbit bundrick

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