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O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Aug 3 12:46:21 CDT 2004

So I've been kind of catching up on things around here lately.
Haven't had the time to really be listening in full-time.
Summers here are short, and I'd be a fool not to take advantage of it.
Hell, the ferns in our back yard are already starting to show some
Fall is only 4-5 short weeks away....and then it's football season.
Bring on my SKINS!  Hail be to Gibbs!

I finally went to Pete's site to look at the various photos (will have
to find some time at home to watch the vids).
Went there thinking, "yeah, more Who photo's...good 'ol Rog and Pete
doing their thang.  Seen it, seen it again...seen it some more."
But I *was* indeed surprised.
What's this about Pete and Roger sharing the stage with the hired help,
and not one single person here made a comment about it????
What the ?????
Jim M.??
*KEETS*???  Girl, you're on everything else, but you let this important
event slide????
Who the fuck is asleep at the wheel??
Post after post about spirituality, and theories, and what to wear, and
a HUGE change like Pete and Roger allowing the rest of the band to be
photographed with them stage front and center goes unmentioned???
50 lashes with that big wet noodle for all of yaz (or did I just miss

I found myself staring at those photo's from Yokahamma and Sydney.
We've never seen Pete and Rog standing next to Rabbit and Zak and Simon
and P-p-p-Pino <enter song.."we are fam-i-ly..*>.
That's a change, ladies and gentlemen, from how things were.
*That* is a message.
A page turned.

The question is, is it the last page of this chapter?
I hope so.
Let the new chapter begin.
There's been so much mentioned for the future.

I'll be watching intently to see if they allow this sort of photo op. in
the CA shows.

Hoping to see photo's from who gatherings.
Hoping Sandy made a good sign.

Kevin (sailing his summer away on Pure and Easy) in VT

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