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> Maybe Hilary doesn't think her audience understands


It's not a sarcastic line. If anything, it's a
statement of intent. Saying that the singer so rejects
"old" that he wants no part of it. Considering what it
meant then, and how it applies to a certain current US
government, I'm with him all the way.
> I disagree with the whole notion that the QUAD movie
> is close to
> being a "documentary."  That's one of those literary
> flourishes that
> has been repeated so often that people believe it
> without thinking about it.


But...I've thought about it. It is essentially a
fictionalized documentary. I remember reading at the
time most of the events actually happened, although to
several people. I'm using the same device in a book
I'm working on, concerning LSD use here in Myrtle
Beach (Dancing On A Razor's Edge Of Sanity). I'm
making everything happen in one summer (instead of the
three that it covers), and splitting some of the
actual people into two (or in one case three)

> How is the "break in" scene at the pharmacy
> documentary-like?
> How is the scene of Jimmy & Steph having sex
> documentary-like?
> How are the scenes of Jimmy interacting with his
> parents docu-
> mentary-like?  How are the scenes of Jimmy at work
> document-
> ary-like?

If these events occured, then it works as a
documentary. I'm sure the events were made more
dramatic, or humorous, to entertain. But that doesn't
mean they didn't happen. The car-trashing scene is in
both the Quad booklet and the movie...it was important
for Pete to get it in, apparently. I can't see how it
furthers the story, so...

> No, that's why I had to correct your omission.

I just didn't find it important enough to note.

> Well, Morrison comes across as a drug-crazed boozer
> spouting dim-witted philosophy.


> real life, but the truth is he was much more complex
> & intelligent than the movie portrays.

When he was sober, and before he got caught up in it
all. But that is shown in the beginning of the movie.
Like the roof scene, for instance. The drug-crazed
boozer DID exist, just as the film shows.

> And the other band members, especially Densmore &
> Krieger,
> are portrayed as one-dimensional characters who
> added little
> to the overall dynamic of the band.

Which is how they came across at the time, and the two
albums they made without Morrison confirm. "All we had
to live on was a hardwood floor"? Crap.

> of its parts.  That wasn't shown in the movie.

The movie shows the band as they were seen by the
fans. And quite accurately, too.

> True, but *all* movies are dated, aren't they?

No, Quad isn't dated for instance. You can't see when
it was made by the movie...it could have been made in
the 60's and it could have been made yesterday. That's
what I mean by "dated."

> IMO, the "glamness" of the
> movie fits right in with the "over-the-top-ness" of
> Russell's vision & direction.

I agree, but it cheapens the story.

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come to an end."
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