shoreline/thank you/apology from AnEnglishBoy

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Aug 2 17:55:31 CDT 2004

Lew wrote:

 >One among us was kind enough to offer aid in the attaining of tix
for the 7 August 2004 performance by TheWho-> @ Shoreline.....

 >....for that very kind and generous off I wish to say thank you, sincerely,
and offer my apology for the tardiness in which I have responded.......

 >...try as I may to make the logistics of this offer and arrangement work
out, it has all been in vain....sadly so......and I hope there has been no
inconvenience for the person so kind, despite our once adversarial
relationship, as to make this offer to myself and my wife-to-be, Sharon.

 >We are both, nonetheless, grateful for your kindness.

 >I thank you again,


I think I'm going to cry.   :^|

Seriously, I thought that was a very generous offer
by Mc.

Joe in Philly - enjoying my favorite band making waves
around the globe!

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