Yahoo UK News: Thin Lizzy LP voted best live album

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Yahoo UK News: Thin Lizzy LP voted best live album

Music fans have voted for their favourite live rock album of all
time - Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous.

The live album was recorded by the Irish band famed for hits like The
Boys Are Back In Town, in 1978.

Strangers in the Night, released a year later by heavy metal outfit
UFO, comes second in the music poll for Classic Rock magazine.  The
British band and its frontman Phil Mogg recorded the classic on two
US concert dates.

Made in Japan by Deep Purple, once credited in the Guinness Book of
World Records as the world's loudest band, came third in the list of
the Ten Greatest Live Albums.

If You Want Blood, You've Got it, by Australian rockers AC/DC, came
fourth, followed by the Led Zeppelin offering How the West Was Won.
The Who's Live at Leeds, recorded in 1970, is sixth followed by the
Judas Priest album Unleashed in the East (1979). 

Classic Rock magazine editor Sian Llewellyn said: "Thin Lizzy's album
encapsulates the energy and fervour of Lizzy at their prime. The
album was one of the first to show that a live album can really
capture the excitement of the music as well as a studio album. With a
good live album you can crank it up and feel the energy as if you
were there. You can feel the atmosphere in the crowd without it
encroaching too much on the music."

Eighth in the list is Hawkwind's Space Ritual (1973), followed by
Exit Stage Left by Rush, a more recent offering from 1981, and Irish
Tour by Rory Gallagher (1974).

Around 7,000 readers voted in the Classic Rock poll.

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