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L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Aug 2 09:38:12 CDT 2004

>I'm surprised you didn't mention Pete's introduction to 'Drowned'!  It's
very relevant to our recent discussions.  Could Pete be listening?  I'll do
my best to transcribe, but corrections are welcomed.

>PT: "...[Quadrophenia is a] story of a snotty, little, pilled-up, 
a spiritual journey*.  [crowd laughs] As are we all...between beers.
Between beers, we're on a spiritual journey.  This song...this song's got a
double meaning.  It's called 'Drowned.'"

Heheh.  I couldn't hear it very well.  I'll have to play it again after the 
rush is over.   :)

Matt says the band doesn't read the lists, and I can see where they wouldh't 
waste their valuable time bogged down in all the silly chitchat that flows 
back and forth.  However, I do think they have somebody monitor the 
lists--maybe Matt--that would be able to give them the heads up if anything 
interesting came along.  Maybe Pete has heard something about it.   ;)


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