Love and hate?

Carol Zimmerman bczimmer at
Mon Aug 2 09:07:26 CDT 2004

I'm a "ex-smoker" of more than 15 years, but I had a laugh at his "smoking
rant" and here's why - when I ordered Rabbit's Tribute to John Entwistle CD,
I was fairly knocked over upon opening it by the cigarette smell.  I
thought, "Wow...he certainly was smoking when he was signing this one and
putting it in the post."  Hard to believe it travelled across the pond but
there it was...I felt like he was in the room with me.

Carol Z.

> > I think Rabbit's diaries are really off the wall too. Someone must have
> > on him about smoking, being a smoker myself, I know how irritating it
> > but to ramble on in the diary was a little silly.
> I didn't think it was silly.  Rightly or wrongly, smokers are vilified
these days.
> Rabbit probably gets daily lectures, nasty looks, warnings, jokes, &
> of immorality concerning smoking.  In his diary entry, he was just letting
> a little smoke.  I mean steam.  Letting off some steam.    ;-/
> What's wrong with hearing Rabbit's opinions & thoughts?  He's human, a bit
> wacky, & seems to have a lot to say.  And besides, who wouldn't want to
> at a bar with Rabbit & put up with his smoking?

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