Sydney review (featuring mention of bass)

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Sun Aug 1 22:57:13 CDT 2004

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>Once again outstanding though I had a seat on the rising edge,
surrounded by people who thought standing up to enjoy The Who was
somehow impolite. Perhaps they were out of pracice.

Pretty much the same set, this time Drowned and Punk together, and
once again in total control though they were let down a little by the
acoustics of the hall (the Vodaphone Arena is about right: at times it
sounded like they were on a mobile). Pete's guitar was clean and clear
but the bass especially was a bit muddy.

What is interesting perhaps is there is much more of a male/female mix
at these gigs than there is in the UK. The crowd also seemed to have
come along as Who fans, if you see what I mean, rather than just to
get them under their belt. Quite a few didn't bother with the opening
act and they all seemed suitably impressed.

RGLB gets better and better: an outstanding song.

Pete genuinely seems to be getting off on it and there were times when
he almost seemed to go to that other place where anything can happen.


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