seems The Who got our messages about bass volume?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Aug 1 22:56:20 CDT 2004

>Are they monitoring this board?  I'm watching the video from Sydney and the
bass is clear as day.  Now, it could be that Matt was just closer to the 
rig, but I enjoyed hearing what Pino was playing.  It's nothing close to 
style, but it's solid.  Maybe someone with more knowledge about the sound
set-up on stage knows if it was just where Matt was standing or if they have
increased the bass in the mix.

I suspect it's where Matt was standing.  I already commented that Pino 
sounded terrific, but I'm afraid  it may not have been so audible to the 
audience at the show.  Actually there hasn't been much mention of the bass.  
Folks are just talking about how fantastic the shows are--which means 
they're not lopsided or featuring a huge hole or anything like that.  The 
only mention I see of the bass is in the review I'll post next.

Based on that video, I think they should turn Pino up, bigtime.  If they've 
got a good bass player, they shouldn't waste him.


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