Love and hate?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Aug 1 13:36:56 CDT 2004

>I think Rabbit's diaries are really off the wall too. Someone must have got
on him about smoking, being a smoker myself, I know how irritating it gets, 
to ramble on in the diary was a little silly. I guess he is very tired and
far from home, so we become his sounding board. Stress and sleep deprivation 
made me "off the wall" before too...haha  Sandy

They have no-smoking rules on airplanes and Rabbit has gone into nicotine 
withdrawal on those long flights.

I read something interesting about smoking a couple of years back.  Nicotine 
sharpens concentration and gives relief to sufferers of Attention Deficit 
Disorder (ADD) because it binds up receptors in the brain that help to 
organize thought.  Maybe Rabbit's ramblings are a sign that he's a 
nicotine-deprived ADD sufferer.  ;)


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